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Wall-of-text post is finally up (behind the lifestyle filter) about my Saturday night panels. That was a bumpy ride, to be sure. But we had sandwiches!

Looks like the chances are good to be doing my schtick at MarsCon 2010 and SheVaCon 2010. I think I'm almost relieved that the NekoCon audience is probably far too jaded for such a thing.
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I'm staying up too long again tonight, but I really want to write down my weekend impressions while they are fresh.

The clock read quarter-to-eleven before I could drag my carcass out of bed, which meant that Closing Ceremonies were only three hours away. No panels, no costuming, just time spent with friends today. I wandered the halls, trading hugs and saying hellos and goodbyes, until noon when the con auctions were to begin. My interest this year remained solely academic, as I'd vowed to spend no money at the con: the budget this spring wouldn't support it.

The White Elephant auction at 1:00 contained many fascinating items, including Shadowrun gaming materials that almost tempted me. (I looked carefully, finding none of the books that my group has specifically mentioned searching for.) Soon enough, though, the Closing Ceremonies began, dragging on for almost three hours before everyone could tear themselves away. I joined [livejournal.com profile] jsciv and [livejournal.com profile] candidevoltaire for an evening of gaming that lasted until 11 with a dinner break; we played the new Battlestar Galactica board game for two hours, and I judged it worth playing but not one I'll be purchasing soon, if for no other reason that it plays best with exactly five players. Now, I'm back in my hotel room, bleary and typing away.

Was the con a success? Indeed so, from my perspective. Rumor has it that attendance numbers reached average Technicon levels, which must be a good thing. I had a lovely time, as did anyone else I got to ask. Should there be one next year? I'm not as sure. I think this must be the last Technicon in its current form: future versions with or without the same name will need much new blood, and perhaps new ways of doing things, to attract college students jaded by DVD players and online gaming. I'll always be available for the panels and performances I'm good at, but I have no interest in a strenuous staff position, and I doubt many other of the con's veterans do either anymore.

I'd like there to be another T-Con; but I feel that forcing the issue would cause more harm than good. I'm comfortable biding my time and letting things take their natural course. And until I learn what that course is, staff members of SheVaCon expressed strong interest in having me present my late-night insanity at their event, which will give me something to do while waiting for Technicon 27 or Technicon Next Generation #1.
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Well, I intended to do the Saturday write-up last night, but by the time I got to bed, I was far too brain-dead to even try it. Not much better now, honestly, but I'll still give it a go.

Health-wise, this year ran much smoother than the last. Woke up feeling all right, got a filling breakfast, and headed right on in to the con. Took about an hour to check out all the function rooms and say hi to the lovely people I encountered, then the 11:00 Costuming For Anthropomorphics panel started, so I donned my lynx ears and headed in. Kender detailed some fascinating info about building animal tails that I think Starr will be pretty interested in.

My noon panel actually started at 1:00pm, though schedule confusion meant that I wasn't aware of that, nor were some of the attendees. We found out around 12:30, so we took a 30 minute break and restarted the panel! I answered some good questions, and didn't make an idiot of myself in front of the Windows expert with whom I was teamed. Did a little bit to promote peace between the OS factions, too.

At this point in the day, I entered my 'on stage' mindset, and between costuming and presenting, I spent most of the day in that mindset. I enjoy the feeling: it's exhilarating, but it takes the energy out of me. I didn't really manage to come out of it until early the next morning, and felt heavily drained for most of Sunday. Wouldn't have had it any other way, though.

The PC/Mac panel ended at two, and I took the opportunity to change into my hall costume. The con had no designated costume change areas, so I ended up doing so in the men's bathroom; this process was nothing but awkward and uncomfortable. I would find a better method for my later changes, but undismayed, I did the rounds again and showed off the outfit a bit. To my happy surprise, I won a previously undisclosed Hall Costuming contest, receiving an appropriate reward; and one of the button-makers gifted me with a button reading "Gaseous Dihydrogen Oxide Non-Conformist". (Steam-punk.)

Soon enough, I joined [livejournal.com profile] impink, [livejournal.com profile] southernsinger, and [livejournal.com profile] jameshroberts for the "Whose Con Is It Anyway?" improvisation hosted by [livejournal.com profile] kittykatya. I'm not sure it was my best performance, but our group grabbed enough good laughs from the audience to make it feel like a success. I changed back into street clothes, and from there, a bunch of us including Dwight, [livejournal.com profile] jsciv, and [livejournal.com profile] candidevoltaire headed to Macado's for what was meant to be a quick dinner. Unfortunately, our group gave the kitchen more work than they could handle, and over an hour passed before our food arrived. I had to wolf down half my sandwich on an immediate drive back to the con, where I'd promised to be available for 7:00pm Costume Call judging.

I'd brought another outfit to wear as a judge, but when the organizer discovered that I'd be costuming again, he insisted that I join the Costume Call itself. I found an empty classroom in which to change, hoping all the while that no one of delicate sensibilities would barge in, and reported to the organizer. I think my choice of costume broke judge [livejournal.com profile] hippydippydncr's mental processes; it certainly provided some laughs during and after the presentation.

Sadly, I allowed myself to get far too caught up in good conversation and joking, and had to rush back to the hotel through fog even thicker than that morning's to arrive at my evening lifestyle panels barely in time. No one had a key to the conference room, but I convinced the desk clerk that I belonged to Technicon and got us in. Of course, that report will be behind the lifestyle filter; suffice it to say that I'm not thrilled with the overall result, but I think our audience left generally satisfied. We wrapped up around 1:45, but I got into a late conversation with [livejournal.com profile] nius, [livejournal.com profile] zannyvix, and "Bad Andy"; including a bedtime call to Starr, I didn't get to sleep before 3:30. But I'd managed at least two mediocre meals, and never felt sick or faint, so physically the day went well. I relished the feeling of finally being 'off stage', and fell asleep happy.
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"Very much what I imagine a small college town with crappy weather would be like, back on old Earth." - Captain Vanderdecken, Space Rogues

Yes, we've got nice thick fog, accompanied with that fine, voluminous rain that coldly soaks everything in no time.

I may not find my way to the con without leaning out the car window and yelping sonar pings into the blankness.

At least I feel pretty decent this morning. Yay getting up just before the end of the continental breakfast.
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I'm in my hotel room in Blacksburg. The plan was to check in, and do a little shopping for a few things, but [livejournal.com profile] impink and [livejournal.com profile] kittykatya were in the hotel lobby, and we stopped to chat... looked up and half the con was there. The "Meet and Greet" started hours before the official panel time, but it's cool, I got to see friends I haven't seen since last Technicon, and others I haven't seen in many years. I'm having a good time!

I has another Guest badge. I'm kinda enjoying my slowly-building collection of those.

Okay. Brain shutting down on it's own. I feel better than I did this time last year, so fingers crossed that I don't collapse tomorrow. Night!
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Shadowrun went pretty decent last night. We finished a big fight with some corp-type security guards, and the group is set up for the finale confrontation next session. The webcam link to Amy functioned pretty well, and there were albino gluten-free cookies for all. Now I have two synopses to type up :) One pitfall which urban-fantasy GMs must always be aware of: while fantasy-game swords kill slowly, guns are instantly lethal, which can sometimes be a challenge to the game.

Our players arrived to a less-than-spotless house. Starr and I had a rare weekend where neither of us worked or had any social commitments, so we spent a lot of personal time together, which meant I didn't do any cleaning in the living room or kitchen over the weekend. Last night I had to get the place presentable in about 90 minutes time, which I think I managed sufficiently. Luckily my friends aren't Better Homes and Gardens reps.

Midori started the evening off fairly relaxed, but started panicking once the room filled up, and took a completely unprovoked swipe at Jesse's face. Luckily, Jesse's all right, but I'm pretty cheesed at our little evil bitch cat right now. MistyMina, on the other hand, cuddled on [livejournal.com profile] ptownhiker's and [livejournal.com profile] lewisw's laps all night, racking up cute points until time for all to leave.

That, by the way, is indeed the new kitten's name. We tried Matisse, which didn't work, and then we tried Misty, which almost worked. Starr suggested Mina, the name of a friend, and about then the kitten knocked yet another something over. So we named her MistyMina, for her criminal behavior, and that stuck.

Tonight will be Technicon travel prep. I feel like I know what I'm going to to be doing on Saturday night now, so my main jobs are laundry, repairing a prop, and picking costumes for the weekend. I have four candidates, and only two days of convention :) Really looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Wow, I just had an idea for the 10:00-10:45 Saturday night panel that I wish I'd had three weeks ago. It's better than what I've got, but will require more late-in-the-game recruiting. I'll probably go with it though, if I can find some willing souls who are (a) staying up that late and (b) aren't already involved with something else.

If you're interested, aren't on my lifestyle filter, and are fine with whatever weirdness might show up on my lifestyle filter, let me know.

In other news, we are definitely Shadowrunning tonight. Google Calendar is supposed to be sending out reminders, and my own reminder emails will be sent out as soon as I can do so. I'll also have a synopsis of last session up as soon as it gets written.
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Now that I'm digging the Daft Punk, everyone's been saying over and over that I needed to get the Alive 2007 album. Picked it up this weekend, finally listened to it with the speakers turned up on my morning commute. That's some fine commuting music, that is.

It looks like Starr won't be making it to Technicon Last; she can't get out of working that weekend. Her shifts are crazy - it's a regular thing for her to have five days off in a row, but somehow her scheduled weekend shifts always fall on convention dates. It annoys us both. She has more than enough PTO to cover it if she took off, but that requires a great deal of shift-trading, and for some reason few of her co-workers want to work extra weekend shifts. Can't imagine why.

I may have a very memorable con costume this year.

I like Twitter because it provides useful writing exercise in expressing onself succinctly. I shouldn't fret, though, if I miss a few dozen because I'm away from a 'Net connection. Most of the stuff I'll want to know shows up in LiveJournal, and LJ's much easier to keep up with. (Blogging of any kind forces me to keep in mind two good practices: try to avoid that cursed passive voice, and don't write a novel where a couple of paragraphs will get my point across better.)
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My Sunday Technicon experience was brief and poignant. Reluctantly awake by 10:00, and out of the Microtel by 11:00, I headed back to McBryde for a final time.

My plan was to leave Blacksburg by 1:00, thereby getting home around 6:30-7:00 and having time for dinner and decompression, so my time was brief and rushed. I got to catch up briefly with [livejournal.com profile] nanoreid, had my picture taken with [livejournal.com profile] ranchonmars' Skull plush, and won an awesome Thunderchild print from [livejournal.com profile] rattrap. (It's based on a plastic model I designed and we built many years ago.)

I finally had a few seconds to stop into Spiel, where I talked to [livejournal.com profile] jsciv for the only time during actual con hours. Touched base with [livejournal.com profile] rubinpdf, too; I hear [livejournal.com profile] ashoemaker was there, but I didn't see him, though I did see [livejournal.com profile] markush on the way out. Since auction pickup hadn't yet started, [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet offered to collect the print for me so that I could get on the road, and as I left the auditorium where the auctions were held, it seemed like half the con called out goodbyes. Just a little tiny bit verklempt, I was.

I drove home on 460 rather than battle the interstates; I got a far more peaceful drive for my trouble. Faint rain misted my windshield most of the way back, but posed no driving hazard, though I more than once encountered the damned "I refuse to be passed by a Hyundai, even if I was 15 miles under the speed limit!" attitude. Though I didn't realize it at the time, I was so bushed that I sat a couple inches lower in the car seat, making the hood seem to disappear behind the dash.

Finally, I made it home. Starr and Midori were most pleased to see me. I presented Starr with the custom art I commissioned from [livejournal.com profile] rainbowsaber, and heard happy squees for the rest of the evening.

Sleep came upon me with no trouble at all, that night; and thus endeth the story of a happy Technicon. I'm already looking forward to next year's: Jerry's a good man who knows a thing or two about making a con happen, and I'm already tagged to do my shtick again. And this time, I'm bringing Starr!

(Say, who's FanGOH for 26? And who's got pics online?)
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Saturday I woke at 8:30, thought to myself "no way, not on a night where I have to stay up 'till 2" and went back to sleep. I woke again at 10:30, went to sit up and was assaulted by nausea and headache. Not, "Oh, I feel like crap, oh well," but "oh God I think I may need to run for the bathroom RIGHT NOW." In the hopes that more rest would help, I rolled over until noon. Couldn't put it off any longer at that point, and made it to McBryde in time for [livejournal.com profile] kittykatya and [livejournal.com profile] impink's Fragile Gravity (http://unseenllc.com/) panel. That was fun, especially when Barb had to change a DVD and Chris was forced to improvise for several minutes. I look forward to Book 3!

Well, you know you're at a real con when two good events are going on at the same time, and much as I wanted to see the General Webcomics Panel, the Spin Doctor had a date at Filking 1025. (Tech uses 4-digit course numbers.) I contributed a couple lines to the weekend's official filk, which we actually finished nice and early! What a concept! An impromptu rendition of "The Dragon and The Lady" followed (NSFW), with joking comments about the fact that the local fandom children are being raised on this stuff. To quote a song that Keith often covers, we'll have a generation of well-rounded outcats.

I dropped by [livejournal.com profile] rattrap and [livejournal.com profile] drich's "First Ones" panel - they are the only attendees who've attended every Technicon. I'd prepared a button that read "Technicon Fourth One" (the best I could do). Lots of old memories flew around that panel; hard to believe the con's 25 years old. I'm fairly sure that's a Virginia fandom record, unless you count RoVaCon / Rising Star as one entity. Still, though, the pain, nausea, and light-headedness continued to build. Barb and others started telling me to Go Lie Down. I talked to Starr a bit - she was having appliance issues at the house right before she had to attend a wedding - and finally gave in and went back to the hotel.

Good news of the evening? While I was semi-comatose, [livejournal.com profile] colleenk gave birth to a little boy. Gratz to her and [livejournal.com profile] yubbie! (Unsurprisingly, this made the con accountant unavailable for the rest of the event.)

I really regret missing the Costume Call and [livejournal.com profile] southernsinger's performance. Every few years at Technicon, I seem to come down with something on Saturday; perhaps I need to start over-medicating the week before, or something. I wasn't the only one, either: [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet had a rough day, and there were bleary eyes elsewhere at the con. However, with modern technology, it's likely that the evening entertainment was all taped, and I'm hoping that someone posted pictures somewhere.

Fortunately, I woke up in possession of a far stabler head and stomach before my evening panels, and headed down to the Microtel conference room. Those panels... are a filtered entry.*grin*
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I drove back to Blacksburg in a much happier car. On the way, [livejournal.com profile] jsciv called and set up a meet, wherein I found that for $10 more a night I could have had a suite twice the size (not that I would have used it for much). We hit Christiansburg's new Panera with Lucy, and talked a lot of game industry shop. Joe seems to be doing quite well for himself these days, which is great; we made hyper-flimsy plans for a Disney run out there sometime in the hazy future. (Flying. Not driving.)

Made it to the con, and picked up my Staff badge. I think I'm permanent TCon staff now... not that I mind, it's a pleasure every year, but it amuses me nevertheless. I did not recognize [livejournal.com profile] tltrent at first, gomen, gomen! But I traded a lot of greetings with lots of great folk in those first minutes. I remember [livejournal.com profile] yubbie looking quite distracted, for reasons I would later discover...

I spent most of Friday re-learning my way around McBryde Hall on the Virginia Tech campus, location of many VTSFFC and USS McKay events. I socialized quite a bit, catching up with long-time fandom friends. In a lot of ways, Technicon for me is like getting to be 25 again, and getting to spend time with all these fun, intelligent people without being a broke, know-it-all slacker fanboy. I don't miss that aspect of myself much!

Dwight's Friday night dance was short and unfortunately-scheduled, turning more into an excuse to play exotic cuts really loud in a University auditorium while the iTunes Visualizer hypnotized the small crowd. [livejournal.com profile] nius's quote, "We're rocking McBryde 100, bitches!" ended up on buttons for him and Dwight and me.

Shut down con and move to the Microtel conference room, where I snagged [livejournal.com profile] ursulav, Meche, and Bert for Saturday night's panels, and finally caught up to [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet. First, [livejournal.com profile] colleenk and I got some long-awaited personal chat time - let's not make it so long before the next one! - and then Cindy and I got a little conversation in before she had to take a guest home for the evening.

An excellent Technicon Friday! Saturday would be a bit rougher...
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I have driven to Orlando. I have driven to upstate New York. In neither of those cases was I responsible for the steering wheel the whole time, if at all; so, yes, a five-hour drive can absolutely wear me out!

Since NASA Langley is practically sitting on I-64, I packed the car on Wednesday night and headed right to Blacksburg from work Thursday. 64 and I-81 aren't too unpleasant on a Thursday evening; my CD player may be broken, but the iPod plays through it nicely except for the pauses when it tries to eject nonexistent CDs.

Unfortunately, my transmission started throwing fits around Afton Mountain (who could blame it?) slipping and locking into third gear three times on the trip down. Pulling over for 10 minutes each time seemed to reset things, but that's no way to run a railroad.

I made it safely to the Microtel, where I was informed that the wireless access was a bit spotty on my floor :( Nevertheless, in an effort to adjust my sleep rhythms for the weekend, I stayed up for a couple hours unsuccessfully farming Primals in Zangarmarsh, only getting kicked off the server three times.

Friday I headed down to see my Mom (one of the main reasons for my Thursday travel), which was lovely. We traded Xmas presents and had good conversation over a mildly disappointing lunch. Interestingly, I'm still on a hot-rodded Mac G4 tower, and she's got the latest and greatest iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, which she took great glee in showing me.

Went to the lube place, got the transmission flushed, and had them look at my rear tires, which were making unhappy growly noises. Yep, they needed replacing. Technicon was getting expensive already...
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  • 09:43 Thought of first thing I forgot to pack for TCon. 90-minute side trip this afternoon not worth it. #
  • 21:40 Sitting in the smallest hotel room I've rented in 20 years. #
Sent subspace radio by LoudTwitter
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Five-hour drive to Technicon - not from home, mind you, that would have been six - from NASA Langley. (This is why the car was packed last night.) I might have shaved off half an hour were it not for some kind of road work happening on I-81 between Roanoke and Blacksburg. But it's no big deal. I am super special-plus tired though.

The Microtel is well named. This may be the smallest hotel room in which I've stayed, though it's nice and clean. Glad I'm not trying to run any con events in the room. The good news is that the clerk said that wireless was "spotty" on the third floor, yet I seem to be getting a fairly good signal. So that's nice.

I am here today because I promised I would show up, and because you, my fandom friends, are awesome people whom I miss. I don't drive five hours for just anything :)
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It's Wednesday night, and everything for the con is packed in the car except for toiletries and pyjamas.

Clearly, there's an impostor in this apartment, cunning but not quite cunning enough to impersonate me properly.

(Thanks to panels, did not manage to pack light particularly. Also, someday need real travel gear rather than leftover Decipher gaming bags.)
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Eight hours of sleep...

... didn't help a bit last night. I woke up this morning with a thickly fogged, achy head, which only a lot of liquid did anything for. I also had a bad dream last night that I threw panels for Technicon and nobody came :( Or maybe they just sucked, I can't remember the dream that well.

Starr has jumped right back into her work. Her co-workers attempts to take it easy on her first day back failed miserably - such is the nursing profession, I guess. We had a nice couple of hours last night before she succumbed to the lure of sleep.

I found a nice sentence on a link from Tobold's blog about certain types of gamers, WoW hardcore raiders especially, that relates to my 'poker deck' post: "For some people it isn't enough to have achieved something first, they must also make sure that nobody else gets there, or it tarnishes their leet shine."
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Good morning, all.

My apologies for leaving everyone in suspense about Starr. I've pretty much had no Internet access since my last post. (It wasn't down, I have just had higher-priority matters to handle. Given how high-priority I usually make the Internet, that's saying something. But anyway.)

Starr is back from the hospital and is doing quite well - well enough to wear me out this weekend staying up late and getting up early. She'll probably be back at work tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest - I think she's pretty excited about it. Her doctors say that her condition has probably been present since she was little and masked by other issues, so her treatment might actually leave her healthier than ever. Part of the priority issues from the last week was me being a bit of a jerk - I've not been handling events too well the last fortnight, and I needed a bit of a talking-to - but I think I have it under control now. Saturday night we were having a good time together, and she looked happier than she has in a long time. (The hew haircut's darn nice too!)

I'm preparing for Technicon - as I've said, I refuse to do seat-of-the-pants this year - but just last night got a new schedule change, and am trying to adjust for that. (I actually agree with the reasoning behind it - I'm just laughing at Murphy.) There will be a post with further discussion of the TCon panels under my Lifestyle filter. I'm kinda hoping to get a little gaming in this year with [livejournal.com profile] jsciv - last year I was so busy, I barely laid eyes on the man. It'll be awesome getting to see everyone who can attend.
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Starr had a rough night: discomfort, poor sleep, and more back-and-forth from her doctors on the probable cause. We had hopes that she'd be home by now, but that's clearly not working out. Continued good thoughts, and maybe a phone call or three would help a whole lot right now.

Midori is still freaking, and I've been feeling a bit unwell the last few days myself (due to stress, no doubt). Last night I was supposed to send out some e-mail and phone calls to concerned family and friends, but I lost consciousness before I could wake the laptop.

In happy news, Collegiate BattleBots events will be airing on ESPN2 and ESPNU (http://www.battlebots.com/news_home.asp) this summer. This is great news, but the sad thing is that I don't think I have either of those on my channel lineup. I may have to get someone to do some 'time-shifting' for me.

Also, I have confirmation of my TCon timeslots, and I have the theme for my panels ready. I kinda like this one, and I hope some people show up!
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It turns out that a 5-hour drive in a Mini Cooper is a lot more comfortable than you'd think. In the front seat, anyway.

Dwight introduced me to a bunch of very good music. I'm going to have to look up some more material by the Dresden Dolls and the Supreme Beings of Leisure. The company was excellent and the scenery compelling (and the leaves haven't even turned yet!)

We arrived in Blacksburg, picked up [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet, and wandered into Invisifest around 4, into a panel that [livejournal.com profile] tltrent was hosting. I was knocked over by my welcome; my VTSFFC family is one excellent bunch of folk, who really know how to make a guy feel like he's where he belongs. I caught up with [livejournal.com profile] rattrap, [livejournal.com profile] nius, [livejournal.com profile] rainbowsaber, [livejournal.com profile] mephox, [livejournal.com profile] anterus, [livejournal.com profile] southernsinger, [livejournal.com profile] rubinpdf, Cathy, Ben, Jamie, and many other people. Around six, we had to shut down the panel, but we dragged most of the crowd to Macado's, where Pat and I geeked out over Whovian matters while we waited for our food.

There was a brief attempt at handing Technicon 25 over to me, which I discuss a little more over in my lifestyle filter (if you want to be added to that and haven't been, leave a comment here to that effect). Suffice it to say that their idea would have made for a quite memorable TCon, and that I turned down the kind offer. Rapidly. Possibly in nanoseconds :)

We went back to the 'Fest for Keith's White Plectrum concert, which was a small, laughter-filled performance. Keith paid me high compliments by telling the story of how "Red Pill" was written. For those who asked, the throwaway line which inspired "When They Shut Down The Fusion Plant (We'll Pack Our Bags And Glow)" is found in Music From the Heart of Space, a Starfleet: Batron Eleven fanfic which includes elements of Doctor Who, Robotech: Macross, and Megazone 23. Despite that mashup, I'm still rather proud of the tale, which will always live on in some small manner thanks to Jerry's twisted creative mind.

We had to leave shortly afterwards. I wish I'd had the energy to stay all night and party, but I have a wedding to attend tomorrow!
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Me being "funny" at Technicon 24's "Whose Con Is It Anyway", courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] nius.

Improv really is harder than it looks. Also, I really really really need to start getting some exercise :(


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