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How I Spent My Saturday Night (or, another of many reasons I'm behind on much correspondence)

I dedicated my afternoon to the kitchen and living room, as I'd promised - got them looking pretty good, too. Around 7:30, Starr called to let me know she was on her way home, so I started dinner (boxed stroganoff).

Just before 8, my cell lit up with an unknown number, but I went ahead and picked up. It was Starr - she was calling with a borrowed cell phone from the scene of the car accident she'd just been in. I later found out that someone else had apparently missed a turn; and in confusion occupied the middle lane of a 60 MPH highway, doing about 20. Starr came out from behind another vehicle that was spewing smoke (oil leak perhaps?), saw brake lights, and did her best to stop in time.

All her windows shattered, and the airbag fired. The accident totaled her PT Cruiser's front end, doing an estimated $8,000 in damage. Starr's seatbelt and airbag did their jobs, and we later discovered that her greatest injuries were bruising from the restraints. A passerby unjammed her door and helped her from her car, and medical professional that she is, she quickly went to assess the other driver for injuries (no serious issues there either).

I abandoned dinner to spoil, issued a quick Twitter note to the world, and jumped right into the car. I didn't speed - I mean, how stupid would a car wreck on my part have been right then? - but I somehow reached the hospital before Starr. A number of people replied with support on Twitter, Facebook, and email, and I would later find many phone messages after I left the hospital's signal interference. Thank you all so much! One of the first things I did was pass along everyone's messages, and they boosted morale for us both! (Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] jsciv, for the "Creeps" recommendation: Starr played that until we nearly killed the phone battery!)

Several X-Rays and five hours later, they decided that Starr was merely bruised, and sent us home. We've spent much of today trying to recover from adrenaline overdose and poor sleep. We already have some lines of attack with securing a replacement vehicle. The funny thing is that today's a happy day for us. First of all, Starr literally walked away from a full-speed highway crash. Second of all, we've had our friends pouring out love to us all night and day; how could we be grumpy?

Thank you all!
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Cindy's in Roanoke Memorial, room 906 West, phone (540) 266-5424. She has Internet access as well (no, not including WoW).

They tried to give her a steroid injection to improve the situation a bit, which she describes as "the most painful thing I have ever encountered. I've been fighting in the SCA for 20 years and have never taken blows that hurt that hard as that shot."

They are going to see if the injection helps, but surgery is still an option. At last report, she didn't have full sensation in either leg.

More as I know it.
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Cindy Arthur - [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet - is being transported to Roanoke Memorial Hospital because of a herniated disk.

Rhaps is coordinating her care from down there. He reports that surgery is very likely.

It's all I know now. Stay tuned.
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I appear to have recovered from the sinus infection I had before MarsCon only to walk right into a full-blown bout with the influenza. This is an especially impressive achievement considering that I had the flu shot back in November. Go Me. So now I'm into the negatives again with my sick days at work - thank goodness that they're pretty flexible - and sitting in bed taking Tamiflu twice a day and remembering what food and drink were like when my sense of taste was functional. Whine whine carp carp bleh.

It's kinda funny to watch some people acting like Obama has already completely ruined his presidency based on a few choices that I admit I don't agree with either. It's even funnier, in a completely pathetic kind of way, to watch "Rapture Ready" Christians glancing impatiently at the sky while wondering why Jesus hasn't come to rid them of this Antichrist. Y'know, he's just a man, albeit an intelligent, articulate one with some ideas that, if they work out the way he says, could leave this country in markedly better shape when he leaves power. Which he will do, in no more than eight years tops, because that's what the laws of the country say. But he's still just a dude. He's got four more years minimum to try to impress as many of us as he can, and we really ought to give a fair fraction of that to him before we declare him a failure.

(P.S. He's also not the dictator of America. Whether the country is any better in four years has as much if not more to do with what its collected citizens do, than with any orders he gives. The most he can do is inspire, positively or negatively. It's hypocritical to throw our responsibilities as citizens on the President's shoulders and then be angry him if we don't like the way things go.)

Okay, enough politics. Sort of. I had an excellent time at MarsCon, it offered me everything I could want from a weekend fan con and I indulged to the practical limit. I'm already in line for next year's, and I think I may even have contributed to the next chosen theme. I've heard a little bit of whining in places, though for the most part I've put it down to folks with entitlement issues.

But I've also heard quiet murmurs of staff drama. These may be overblown, and already handled, in which case I'm a happy fan. However, as I look at some of the difficulties my favorite cons have hit over the years, I'm seeing a certain cycle. Since it always seems to hit sometime between the con's tenth and fifteenth year, I'm calling it Con Puberty; after years of success, suddenly the con is hit with massive crises of staffing, programming, funding, and or general personality - an identity crisis, if you will. Sometimes they survive, sometimes they don't - often the event will fragment and reassemble as a new con with echoes of its predecessor. But either way, unlike normal puberty, in another 10-15 years, it'll hit again.

RoVaCon survived it once, and was killed the second time; it looks as though Technicon is going to follow the same path. Rising Star rose from the ashes of RoVaCon, then years later survived its own puberty by evolving into a different con with the same name. Sci-Con evolved into a completely different event with a new identity; and now, as I count back, MarsCon has been around under that name for, what - ten-fifteen years?

MarsCon's a great con. To get all circularly Frankensteinian with my metaphors, if the con's indeed having any issues, I'm hoping it's not Con Puberty, but simply a minor, quickly remedied staff infection.
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I've been sick for the last two days - sinus congestion, stabbing stomach pain, sore throat, fever... same old same old midwinter bug. Reluctantly, I took Tuesday off, which I think cut a couple days' duration off this bug; it's fading away as I sit here, leaving me with a scratchy throat and headache. I should be fine for the weekend; good thing too, as I had to do a bit of finagling to make MarsCon.

On the other hand, it means I'm woefully behind on my prep. I managed to get some studying in for the panels in which I'm involved, but my costuming took the hit, and I don't know if I'll have anything ready for the weekend. Since I'll be leaving directly from work tomorrow, I have to get packed and otherwise ready tonight. Good thing I managed some laundry.

Sometime Friday afternoon, I will have to find time to take a nap if I want to do late night stuff. This is unaviodalbe, as my internal clock these days is currently set to a 5:30am - 10:30pm waking shift, and cons don't run on that time. Considering that my Saturday panels hover around 10pm and midnight, I'll probably need to do the same that day as well.

I need to do some restructuring of my life schedule anyway. One reason for my dryness of prose output in 2008 was that I had not made much time to sit, off by myself, and actually write something - the most I've gotten done in that regard is hiding in people's offices scribbling on the Newton while monitoring their OS X Leopard installs. (Up to three hours of glorious undisturbed concentration!) It's easy to journal in 5-minute increments at work, but I have not yet mastered the art of focusing on plot and character in those tiny chunks.

On the other hand, I'm slightly pleased with my attitude towards the problem. I'm doing better these days with creating plans of attack for my roadblocks instead of just whining about them and using them for excuses. I'm decades overdue on developing this skill.
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First, let us get the day's whining out of the way. I am in very great pain: as in, I'm hoping to avoid standing up until it is time to leave for the day. My legs and back are screaming at me, wanting to know what kind of idiot I am.

The good news is that almost everything is out of the apartment - one more evening's work, tonight, should do it. We've made a deal with a friend to give the place a professional cleaning tomorrow, and this should leave me clear to turn over the keys on Friday or Saturday. I'll be relieved!

Last night, my gaming group threw me a late surprise birthday party. Two separate awesome cakes, and some excellent clothes from Jesse. (Starr's reaction to the clothes: "Squeee!") Everyone did insist on wearing black to this little event, but heck, that's hardly unusual for my friends anyway! Thank you very much, guys!
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Nice, nagging back pain today, the result of moving boxes. I'm packing everything into those folding white "banker's boxes" so that they'll fit easier in the cars, and so there will be more of them safe for me to lift; but it doesn't mean my body's used to it, oh no. The funny thing's that I didn't do any lifting at all yesterday, because I was simply out of energy. Why does my body keep waiting 24 hours to start announcing muscle pain?

Also, sore throat. Yay weather changes.

Starr and I continued to run around Azeroth for a while last night hitting the candy buckets at the inns. I have the feeling we'll be spending more time before the expansion collecting Achievements than attempting to level, which is absolutely fine with me. The more 'ways to play the game' Blizzard can add, the happier I'll be to keep forking over my subscription, especially since I've never exactly been a speed leveler, and just am not really sold yet on the whole raiding thing.

After I went to bed, Starr got recruited by a group shooting for the Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! Achievement. Seems it didn't work out; but I'd have been mightily amused if it had.
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Someday I will learn to keep a stash of ibuprofen at my desk.

Saturday I wanted to do anything but sit on the couch and stare at the DVR. Handily, there was plenty going on in the area, and we ended up catching a free blues festival at the 17th Street oceanfront. Less handily, we ended up parking at the 23rd Street oceanfront and I got my exercise for the weekend in 95-degree weather. I can't believe I'm not sunburned. But, the music was excellent.

Add in that walking to yesterday's five-hour cleaning spree in the apartment (2.5 rooms done, yay!) and I am an achy Borg today. Still, I'm pleased with the reasons I got that way, so I'm calling it a win.

Saturday night we ended up as guests of Starr's parents at a mildly pricey Italian restaurant. The kitchen messed up my order once, and delayed the second attempt; the manager finally comped me the dinner and I think overdid my dessert as apology. With two large cannoli on a plate before me that evening, I'm pretty thankful for all the unplanned exercise.

Today is my mom's birthday, At first, I was fretting over whether she'd even want to talk to me, but that's not the right attitude. I want to talk to her, and I'm still commmitted to getting this whole situation worked out in a way that gets her as much of what she wants as is sane.

Good news for today? I just found a bottle of ibuprofen in my glove compartment; and these 90-minute OS X Leopard installs give me lots of time to tap away at the Newton.
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How insane have the last two days been? Well, I feel naked without my wristwatch, and I almost never go out in public without it. Sunday, I took it off and set it down for some reason - probably related to cleaning the apartment - and I don't know where. But, since Sunday, I just plain haven't had time to look for it. I keep looking at the pale band of skin on my wrist, and wishing I could scratch the mental itch of my watch's absence, but it'll have to wait!

On the other hand, my efforts from yesterday have not escaped notice. In the morning meeting, I heard phrases like, "Michael's documentation sets a gold standard that we'd like to see our other documentation reflect."

Now, focusing on one thing for that length of time is a real strain for me. I left work yesterday rather loopy, the last couple of pages do have some interesting typos, and my brain felt like I'd just tried out for preliminary Psionic Combat training. But the results seem to have been worth it!
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My Mom's back in the hospital. The blood thinner she had been prescribed caused some internal bleeding; it seems to have stopped, and she'll probably be out again by the weekend. But... oy.

We found a Jamaican cafe / grocery less than two blocks from us last night, and I tried curry chicken for the first time ever. Extremely yummy, though I'm not used to eating anything that shade of yellow; nor am I used to picking that many tiny sharp chicken bones from my teeth. Oh, and an hour later, my stomach was not pleased with these new spices at all. Still, yum.

The apartment building I live in is very nice, but it's still an apartment building. One of the tenants on my floor has had multiple summonses taped to their door in recent months; this last weekend, they moved out in a flurry of activity (mysteriously bringing a mattress into the place in the process). Well, police showed up a couple of days later to pound on their door, and there's an eviction notice taped there now (which doesn't exactly change much at this point). I'm actually sad. They seemed nice enough, and it's a shame when people's mistakes land on them so hard.

At this moment, I am rather physically and emotionally weary. I'll be fine, it's hardly life-threatening. But the assertiveness I have been trying to encourage in myself in recent months is eluding me a bit just now. Of course, now is when I really need it.

Oh, and the smoke's back in Portsmouth this morning. Koff.
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Hmph. The Microsoft Office 2008 icons are kinda ugly.

Listening to some Vangelis music at work this morning. "Alpha" is one of those tunes that sends tingles up my spine when I listen to it, and awakes wonder and potential in my mind. If only I could stay in that headspace for days at a time... it probably wouldn't be good for me, but I feel that I'd get a lot done while I could stand it.

I wonder where the 'tingles' come from? It's absolutely a physical sensation to me, but I have no idea what produces it.

Far more importantly, my mom is walking now without human assistance. She's still using a walker or crutch, but given that she couldn't even move the leg two weeks ago, this is an absolutely awesome development, and I joked that she's making far better progress than I did. If any of my friends have ever wondered where my buried stubborn streak came from, this may provide a clue. I am thrilled for her - and while she's there, they think they may be able to correct a nerve issue that's pained her for about 20 years, so, silver lining!

And speaking of doctors, it took me a visit to Wikipedia to learn that the awfully-familiar looking archaeologist on Doctor Who this week was Dr. Corday on ER for seven seasons. Cool.
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First day in two weeks I've felt halfway decent. My sleep was restful, the little headache pulses are gone, and I even had the initiative to get back to walking today. (Only 2/3 of a mile, because it got cold out, and I didn't bring a jacket this morning.)

Tonight I will be catching up on housework and bills, and of course giving my Mom a call to see how she's doing.

Was thinking more about the high-tech Captain Nemo today. If you dropped today's MacBook Pro in his workroom, I suspect that he'd figure out how to turn it on, and even use some of the software if there wasn't a login password. I expect he'd work out what the battery was, and might even be able to recharge it using the technology of his time. I'm sure he could work out the basic concept of the motherboard, and I'll even grant that he could reverse-engineer the simpler peripheral protocols with enough brute force, time, and care.

I'm fairly confident, though, that the LCD screen, integrated circuits, memory, and hard disk would be completely beyond him. At his technology level, any of them would have to be ripped apart and destroyed to achieve even a basic understanding of the principles involved. A magnetic storage medium might be within his imagination, but the ability to build another one just wouldn't exist yet.

(A few of the TNG and DS9 episodes annoyed me in this fashion, showing the heroes taking apart communicators and tricorders with utterly primitive tools. I'm convinced that one couldn't even crack the cases with less than highly specialized tools, and if one did, the contents would be largely integrated into a few non-user-serviceable bits. But that's just me.)

Perhaps Nemo could accomplish much with "black box" parts delivered by a mysterious supplier, much as the scientist-heroes of This Island Earth did. But could our justly-paranoid sea captain trust the source?
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T - I - R - E - D.

Went back to Roanoke on Saturday. My mom's doing great: she can move both her leg and arm now, and on Sunday took a few steps (with a great deal of support). I'm told this is still Gold Medal performance, and my optimism was repeatedly fed this weekend. [livejournal.com profile] nanoreid was there for a bit, and I got to say hi to Ginny and Ian as well. Starr bought my mother a knitting loom which can be fastened to a solid surface, and now my mom can indulge her addiction one-handed for the duration!

Roanoke felt a little odd, there are buildings and shops which weren't there last time I passed through - a bit like hearing an old song on the radio and finding an entirely new chorus after the second stanza. I took a hotel room there Saturday night to save us the drive to and from [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet's offered crash space in Blacksburg, but while the room was huge, the bed was hard as a plank, and we slept poorly for folks who would be driving 204 miles home. Route 460 was a beautiful, tranquil drive, though. I'm sold on that road for now.

Yesterday we woke too early, and headed over to spend lunch with Starr's mom, then the afternoon at Amy's with the gamer group. Her mom was going to gas grill the food, but after the gas loop rusted away at a touch, we went with good old charcoal, and lunch was yummy. I now know where Starr gets her habit of cooking a regiment's food for a few people, and felt guilty leaving before I could consume a second hamburger.

While the afternoon was sold as a combination grilling / gaming event, I'm not sure anyone was really into the gaming, and after a few hours of excellent chatting and cattching up, we left to get me some badly needed quiet time. I developed yesterday something that feels much like my old migraine headaches, something which comes in short, searing pulses then goes away for a half-hour or so. (One of the first things Starr did when hearing about that was to check me for stroke indicators - of which I seem to have none.)

In geek news, the Mars Phoenix robot probe has a Twitter account. Andy Ihnatko referred to the account as cosplay for rocket scientists, but I'm enjoying keeping up with what the probe's doing (or at least what it was doing 15 minutes ago - speed-of-light lag, y'know). Some quick Googling finds images taken by the Mars Recon Orbiter of Phoenix on the way down (Phoenix Down?) which means that we Earthlings not only managed to hit a target scores of millions of miles away, we got a picture of it from another camera that had previously done so under our instruction. [T]hese are the things that hydrogen atoms do when given 13.7 billion years. - Carl Sagan

So, yeah. Probably another early bedtime tonight, which is a shame because I wanted to get some WoW levelling in. With luck, the rest of the week will go a little easier on me!
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I'm back home from Roanoke. (Salem, if you're being picky.)

As I mentioned in the locked post, Mom's in the hospital after suffering a stroke. She's lost motor function in her right limbs, but still has full sensation, vision, and her normal faculties.

Sunday night Starr and I discussed the situation, and I decided to head up Monday morning. Mom was surprised and very touched to see me, and I got to see her moving her limbs ever so slightly - perhaps a centimeter or two - which, only days after a stroke, is a major accomplishment. I'm hoping for her sake that this is the beginning of a swift recovery. She'll be starting physical therapy next week.

On top of that, Starr's PT Cruiser is in the shop, and we just got Midori-kitty back from surgery. If exhaustion counts as exercise, then I'm completely caught up.

Much thanks to everyone who offered assistance and good wishes. It means quite a lot.
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Starr showed me YouTube footage last night of several Discovery Channel stars singing the Boom-de-ah-dah song live at some promotional event. I was tickled by the Alaskan ship captains jumping in, and am more convinced than ever that Mike Rowe is insane in a wonderful way.

We had multiple friends ask us out last weekend, and politely demurred every time; this was our first unscheduled time in months, and we were determined to enjoy it quietly at home, with no stressors, expenses, or travel. So, of course, we ended up at Busch Gardens.

Yeah, that plan worked out great, didn't it?

But it was a gorgeous Saturday, and I've been trying to visit the park since moving to Hampton Roads. We'd purchased Virginia resident Fun Cards earlier, and the Old Country was calling our name, so out we went! The weather might have been a bit too gorgeous, actually, since we left the sunscreen in the car and Starr got a bit roasted. There were also a couple of lines where we were minutes away from abandoning our place and running for the nearest air-conditioning.

But we had a great time. The DarKastle ride may be our new favorite - the 3-D is quite effective, if artificial. I rode the Battering Ram for the first time, which was a mix of fun and "ohcrap ohcrap I am falllinnnngg!" Seriously... rides where I fall make my internal organs shift positions and are an exercise in endurance for me, not entertainment. I don't know why.

The Big Bad Wolf, on the other hand, didn't have too much falling for a roller coaster, and a lot of swooping. I love swooping :) It was almost dark by the time we got to that one, which added a dimension. The turkey sandwich I ate at the Festhall was pretty yummy, if overpriced, and I made sure to eat it in small, well-chewed bites, in hopes of avoiding motion sickness later. The Corkscrew Hill 3-D simulator nearly defeated that strategy, however.

We also got to see live wolves and huge bald eagles in a predator show, and a pretty good Irish music and dance show. So, even with sunburn, exhaustion, and expense, I'm chalking it up as a success. On the other hand, Sunday was quiet, lazy, and cheap after all. It kind of needed to be.
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Really. The model on the new Microsoft Mactopia page looks like she wants to charge me $2.95 a minute for something, and it ain't tech support. Are they diversifying now that Bill's leaving?

Rough night last night. Starr was quite ill with food poisoning all day and night, and I was way overdue on laundry even without the upcoming con to consider. Did get three loads done, including the kilt, and I think she mostly forgave me for my unskilled nursing attempts. We had no trouble conking out when bedtime rolled around. I swear, at this point I'm considering afternoon naps for the weekend.

Speaking of MarsCon, a preliminary schedule's up. At least I hope it's preliminary. Not only is everything I wish to attend scheduled directly against something else I wish to attend, but there is one timeslot where it appears the webcomics guests will need to be in two places at once.

Tonight: more laundry, packing, and cleaning out the car.
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I had every intention of heading over to the MarsCon Badge Assembly Party last night, but the world caught up with me and I ended up insensate on the couch for most of the evening, with both knees screaming of inflammation. It was something like a milder version of the saying "A sucking chest wound is life's way of telling you to slow down a bit."

If I don't take it a bit easy this week, there will be little point in going at all; MarsCon is not the sort of SF convention where one wants to hit their energy limits at 9:30pm. I'm still kind of annoyed with myself for conking out at 1:30 at New Year's.

Happily, I found [livejournal.com profile] geckoman and [livejournal.com profile] big_danny_t at the concert on Sunday, and learned that Gecko is chairing next year. He has some great plans for the con - I hope that even a few of them work out.

In unrelated trivia, I heard this morning about a funeral parlour which is making plans to warm the building with the waste heat produced by the crematorium. I was immediately reminded of the Fremen of Dune, who are driven to such severe water-conservation necessities that they extract the water from their dead to return to the public supply. I can't seem to decide whether the parlour's plan is logical or nauseating. (I suppose neither reaction is exclusive.)
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My morning routine changed today. I think I like the new version:

1) Wake up, slowly, a few minutes before the alarm. Don't go back to sleep. Body will thank you for not cramming adrenaline into it so early.

2) Do morning e-mail and webcomic troll as usual to activate brain.

3) Once brain is functional enough, make and eat breakfast. Do not wait until you're running out the door to shove breakfast down throat.

4) Shower, dress, and leave for work.

This works far better than previous routines. Let's see if I can keep it up.

Last night, I went to see the Dresden Dolls at the Norva. They're an extremely offbeat duo, but I was hooked on my first listening by their wild energy, odd humor, and musical skill. Amanda Palmer plays her keyboard like an insane person, hitting the keys with the flats of her fingers, rocking back and forth on her stool, tucking a knee under her chin, and yet delivering one of the most complex and precise performances I've ever heard. Translate that to drums, and you have Brian Viglione's playing; on top of that, they seem to telepathically communicate during the show, improvising crazily and yet in sync. I had to go.

My body regrets that today. There's little-to-no seating there, and my left knee can honestly barely support me today after 5.5 hours of standing. I am seriously considering bringing the forearm crutches to my next Norva show, to help hold me up. However, it was certainly worth it - they played my favorites, "Coin-Operated Boy" and "Girl Anachronism", new material, and material they're preparing for their next album. For a closer, they dragged audience members and the opening act to the stage to perform Led Zepplin's "Immigrant Song" and then cleared everyone off for their cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs". You cannot understand how awesome that was without having been there :)

The oddest part: in my head, people are rated "real" by the amount with which I personally get to interact with them. For example. Bill Shatner is not especially real to me - I've only seen him on TV and movie screens. Leonard Nimoy is slightly more so, since I've been in the same room with him, but separated by a stage and a couple dozen yards. George Takei I've spoken to briefly, but Spice Williams and I have had a lengthy conversation.

Well, Amanda unexpectedly came down from the stage in the middle of one of her songs, and continued singing as she walked around the balcony and through the fans on the floor, passing within a yard of me several times. Suddenly, her 'real' quotient in my head jumped dramatically, and I was quite surprised. (I was proud of my fellow Virginians, who did not mob or crowd her, but let her move freely around and respected her performance. One lady, sadly, took the chance to grope her quite unsubtly, which rattled Amanda enough that she expressed her distress on her return to the keyboard. But it didn't dampen the evening.)

I'm pleased with the way the week's started. I even bumped into a White Plectrum fan on the way to the concert. ("I recognize the jacket - did you work with the filk singer? I love his stuff, I can't believe you live around here!") Now I am sending down more blessed ibuprofen to quiet this stupid knee.
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I keep being almost-late to work. This is unsatisfactory to me, so I have spent some time identifying the cause in hopes of making changes.

The cause is fairly clear. In order to get to work on time, I must get out of bed at a time of day when my mind is especially fogged and sluggish. Though I keep an eye on the clock, I am repeatedly unable to summon any sense of urgency until I reach the point at which I really should have gotten out of the shower 5 minutes ago. Then I panic, my mind clears, and I efficiently complete my morning preparations and head out the door.

Now, the obvious answer is, "You lamer, get your act together, concentrate, and get moving!" Unfortunately, that's a bootstrapping problem. Despite repeated attempts, I find myself completely unable to focus or concentrate until that first burst of adrenaline. Though I don't like drinking soda in the morning, perhaps caffeine pills would help as part of my morning chemistry regimen. (Boy, does that clash with my action-hero fantasies. Dammit, Indiana Jones doesn't have to hit a pharmacy every 6:30am.)

If they ever offer me that earlier shift, I could be looking at a problem.
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There are about a half-dozen full-size LCD billboards scattered along Hampton Roads highways. Distracting things, let me tell you.

Today, they are flashing luminous messages of support for the Tech victims.

Throat, meet lump.


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