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Cindy's in Roanoke Memorial, room 906 West, phone (540) 266-5424. She has Internet access as well (no, not including WoW).

They tried to give her a steroid injection to improve the situation a bit, which she describes as "the most painful thing I have ever encountered. I've been fighting in the SCA for 20 years and have never taken blows that hurt that hard as that shot."

They are going to see if the injection helps, but surgery is still an option. At last report, she didn't have full sensation in either leg.

More as I know it.
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Cindy Arthur - [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet - is being transported to Roanoke Memorial Hospital because of a herniated disk.

Rhaps is coordinating her care from down there. He reports that surgery is very likely.

It's all I know now. Stay tuned.
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  • 21:04 Starr's parents, sisters, and I just broke into "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" and sang the whole thing together. Kinda awesome. :) #

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I feel guilty when I let Twitter do most of my LiveJournal updating for several days. It doesn't help that my DSL, which was working fine for a while, died again over the weekend. They'll come by on Friday to look at it. Cox Cable, folks, I'm telling you now.

So, what exactly was I up to with all that driving? It's an epic tale...

We left Chesapeake early on Friday morning, heading to NoVa to see Owen. On the way one of my tires sprang a leak; we pulled into a White Tire to have it fixed. It turned out that the tire was fine; something I'd hit on Xmas eve had bent the rim a bit, and that was letting air out. They hammered the rim back into shape, re-balanced the tire, and refused to charge me. Happy Holidays indeed!

To say that Owen was charged up to see us might have been an understatement. He wore us out just talking to us! He received a glow-in-the-dark NASA Langley shirt from us, which he wore all night; his parents gave us an elegant hanging candelabra and an Elfin Tree Door (which is already installed on a suitable tree in our yard).

When we left for the hotel, Owen's folks sent us to a French cafe for dinner. I've never eaten French food before, and was surprised at how tasty a charred, bloody cut of meat could be. (Look at dish, and mentally sigh. Put forkful of dish in mouth, and mentally jump at the flavor!)

The HoJo's we stayed at that night was clean and cheap, and the bed mattress might as well have been a solid slab of wood. I kid you not, Starr found the floor more comfortable.

We went back to Owen's place for breakfast, and he and I bonded over some Lego. Eventually, we had to leave; Starr's mom took her by a neighborhood yarn store, though, and we ended up losing another hour to their 25%-40% Off Sale. No problem for me, I had Solitaire and MahJongg on the cell phone. The drive from there to Christiansburg turned out to be the least fun of the trip, though; crossing the Appalachians on Lee Highway was tense and a bit nauseating, and our reward for reaching the other side was I-81. Yippee-doo.

Finally, though, we reached C-burg and we saw Mom waiting for us outside the facility where she's staying. Mom ordered me to stop a yard and a half away, and walked that distance from he wheelchair to my arms as Starr steadied her. Wonderful! She gave me the best Xmas present she possibly could right there; the Red Lobster dinner that followed only added to the celebration!

We spent Saturday night in the Microtel, which did its intended job of being cheap, comfortable, and a provider of wireless Net access. I know that lots of folks in the New River Valley would have put us up, and I would have loved the chance to socialize, but we'd have been rude guests: coming in late, going straight to bed, and waking up early the next morning for a quick e-mail check and a return to Mom's place.

After a Cracker Barrel breakfast, Mom took Starr to Mosaic, her favorite yarn store, where we met Benny, Cathy, and Jamie Williams; I passed the time proving to Jamie that I am totally old and lame when it comes to anime and Final Fantasy games, and Starr ended up with a couple more bags of crochet yarn. (I had given Starr yarn money for Xmas. Starr asked and received permission to buy herself other gifts with that money, as she's now stocked up on yarn for a few weeks.) We said a sad goodbye to my mom, and began the six-hour drive home. I have to say, that used me up. We finally arrived around 8:30 Sunday night, and I was done. Kaput. Over.

Still, it was a lovely weekend, and time and gas well spent. I only wish that I could fly to Technicon Last instead of driving. Or perhaps portal there, if all that 'cake' stuff's been worked out by now.
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I can think of several things for which I'm thankful today:

Everything is out of the apartment now except for some random cleaning supplies, and a couple of lamps and a vacuum cleaner that wouldn't fit in the car last night. This will be taken care of this weekend when I drop off the keys. For this I am very thankful to Starr and, well, me. We've both put no small effort into all these boxes.

I am thankful to Starr for many things, in fact; but they're all mushy and I'll save that for some other time.

I am thankful to Starr's parents for allowing us to use their house for the next year or two. We'll be very comfortable here, and we'll be able to save up some money which we'll need to get our own place. (Midori is thankful to them for the gas fireplace, which is one of the best things the furless monkeys have invented since domesticated catnip and the chewy kitty treat.)

I'm thankful to NASA for giving me the opportunity to show me what I could do for them, and to [livejournal.com profile] rattrap for encouraging my developing Macintosh skills in the first place. I'm also thankful to the designers of the Apple Newton, whose long-cancelled product inadvertently provided me with some "hardcore Mac expert" cred in the most recent planning meeting.

I am thankful to the grocery store owners and workers who allowed their stores to be open this morning, so I could acquire the remaining bits of a quiet Thanksgiving surprise dinner to serve Starr, who once again works a holiday.

I'm thankful to the creators and operators of LiveJournal, without whom I'd never be able to keep track of what's going on with all my friends. My peeps are a complicated, intelligent, opinionated, goofy bunch - which is exactly how I like it, and my life would be horribly diminished without them.

I'm thankful to all the people that I like and love that my emo side is awfully disappointed this holiday. I'm supposed to be, and fully expected to be, horribly dissatisfied with my life at this age. Problem with that is, there's so much good in my life right now... how can I let the few speed bumps slow me down?
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Okay. I have owed my sister a phone call for several days, and perhaps if I post it here, I will be looking at it tonight and go, "oh yeah, I really need to do that".

We actually managed to get out of the house for a bit on Friday night - we've not been good at that for the last couple of weeks. It's so easy, when one of us doesn't get home until 7:30 or 8, to say "screw it" and vegetate for the rest of the evening, but we made ourselves go out with friends, and had a sorely-needed good time.

After a Saturday full of more moving and cleaning, Starr and I got our WoW characters each halfway to level 67, at which point they will have passed my poor gnome mage I've been leveling since long before The Burning Crusade. There was debate over whether we'd stick around Outland once we hit 68, and quest a bit in Shadowmoon or Netherstorm; but the urge to take off to the Great White North is strong. We'll see.

Along those lines, I need to contact my gaming group - our session three weeks ago was cancelled due to host illness, and I never even heard whether or not we scheduled a session last week. I was prepping to start a Shadowrun for the group, and I assume there is still interest. I've also got a box full of giveaway gaming material from the Stuff Reduction Plan, and I'm hoping that they'll want some of it.

Tensions are still cooling slowly on the cat front. Early this morning, Midori and Precious repeatedly chased each other up and down the house stairs, which I think may actually have been play instead of attempted murder. The welcome absence of hissing and yowling is the peg I'm hanging those hopes on.

The 45th anniversary of the Doctor Who TV show passed this weekend. I had to check out a YouTube video of the days when the Doctor was a cranky old man with a hyperintelligent granddaughter, and certain walls of the TARDIS control room were simple photographic blowups. Dig the 1962-era special effects:

Classic stuff.


Jul. 1st, 2008 09:40 am
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LiveJournal seems a little slow today. Wonder what their servers are dealing with.

Got a nice evening walk in last night, 1.66 miles according to the GMaps Pedometer, though I swear it felt like 2. Turned out that the exercise was a good thing; right after we got back, Dwight called, and invited us out for sushi and hibachi. Starr wore her new Questionable Content kitty shirt I got her. I told the story of the time that a bunch of us went to a hibachi place in Roanoke, and as we were served, we all eagerly grasped our chopsticks... except for the Japanese exchange student with us, who matter-of-factly picked up her fork.

You'd think that with all the exercise, I'd have slept great last night. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. While Starr said something this morning that cheered me, the weariness is still nibbling away at me. I think I may be naughty and pick up a Coke or two today.

This weekend we will be leaving Portsmouth around 7 or 8 p.m. and driving to Blacksburg. Saturday morning, we'll be catching up with some of Starr's family that will be in the general area, Saturday evening we'll visit my Mom, and then Sunday we'll be heading to my old house to survey what needs to be done to move Mom back in when she's ready. Then we'll drive back to Portsmouth. I may be pretty liberal with the caffeine this weekend as well.
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Since I'm not sure how much the grapevine knows:

Mom's doing incredibly better. She can stand on her own for a short time, and walk fairly well with a kind of cut-down walker thingy.

Last night, she was able to move her fingers on her own. The therapist had a TENS unit causing the fingers to twitch for exercise, then suddenly looked at Mom and said, "I turned it off a few minutes ago. That right there is all you."

So there we are. Her leg is supporting her, and her arm and hand are taking commands again. She just needs to practice a while for dexterity, and she'll be back on the computer and back to her knitting.

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Hmph. The Microsoft Office 2008 icons are kinda ugly.

Listening to some Vangelis music at work this morning. "Alpha" is one of those tunes that sends tingles up my spine when I listen to it, and awakes wonder and potential in my mind. If only I could stay in that headspace for days at a time... it probably wouldn't be good for me, but I feel that I'd get a lot done while I could stand it.

I wonder where the 'tingles' come from? It's absolutely a physical sensation to me, but I have no idea what produces it.

Far more importantly, my mom is walking now without human assistance. She's still using a walker or crutch, but given that she couldn't even move the leg two weeks ago, this is an absolutely awesome development, and I joked that she's making far better progress than I did. If any of my friends have ever wondered where my buried stubborn streak came from, this may provide a clue. I am thrilled for her - and while she's there, they think they may be able to correct a nerve issue that's pained her for about 20 years, so, silver lining!

And speaking of doctors, it took me a visit to Wikipedia to learn that the awfully-familiar looking archaeologist on Doctor Who this week was Dr. Corday on ER for seven seasons. Cool.
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First day in two weeks I've felt halfway decent. My sleep was restful, the little headache pulses are gone, and I even had the initiative to get back to walking today. (Only 2/3 of a mile, because it got cold out, and I didn't bring a jacket this morning.)

Tonight I will be catching up on housework and bills, and of course giving my Mom a call to see how she's doing.

Was thinking more about the high-tech Captain Nemo today. If you dropped today's MacBook Pro in his workroom, I suspect that he'd figure out how to turn it on, and even use some of the software if there wasn't a login password. I expect he'd work out what the battery was, and might even be able to recharge it using the technology of his time. I'm sure he could work out the basic concept of the motherboard, and I'll even grant that he could reverse-engineer the simpler peripheral protocols with enough brute force, time, and care.

I'm fairly confident, though, that the LCD screen, integrated circuits, memory, and hard disk would be completely beyond him. At his technology level, any of them would have to be ripped apart and destroyed to achieve even a basic understanding of the principles involved. A magnetic storage medium might be within his imagination, but the ability to build another one just wouldn't exist yet.

(A few of the TNG and DS9 episodes annoyed me in this fashion, showing the heroes taking apart communicators and tricorders with utterly primitive tools. I'm convinced that one couldn't even crack the cases with less than highly specialized tools, and if one did, the contents would be largely integrated into a few non-user-serviceable bits. But that's just me.)

Perhaps Nemo could accomplish much with "black box" parts delivered by a mysterious supplier, much as the scientist-heroes of This Island Earth did. But could our justly-paranoid sea captain trust the source?
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T - I - R - E - D.

Went back to Roanoke on Saturday. My mom's doing great: she can move both her leg and arm now, and on Sunday took a few steps (with a great deal of support). I'm told this is still Gold Medal performance, and my optimism was repeatedly fed this weekend. [livejournal.com profile] nanoreid was there for a bit, and I got to say hi to Ginny and Ian as well. Starr bought my mother a knitting loom which can be fastened to a solid surface, and now my mom can indulge her addiction one-handed for the duration!

Roanoke felt a little odd, there are buildings and shops which weren't there last time I passed through - a bit like hearing an old song on the radio and finding an entirely new chorus after the second stanza. I took a hotel room there Saturday night to save us the drive to and from [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet's offered crash space in Blacksburg, but while the room was huge, the bed was hard as a plank, and we slept poorly for folks who would be driving 204 miles home. Route 460 was a beautiful, tranquil drive, though. I'm sold on that road for now.

Yesterday we woke too early, and headed over to spend lunch with Starr's mom, then the afternoon at Amy's with the gamer group. Her mom was going to gas grill the food, but after the gas loop rusted away at a touch, we went with good old charcoal, and lunch was yummy. I now know where Starr gets her habit of cooking a regiment's food for a few people, and felt guilty leaving before I could consume a second hamburger.

While the afternoon was sold as a combination grilling / gaming event, I'm not sure anyone was really into the gaming, and after a few hours of excellent chatting and cattching up, we left to get me some badly needed quiet time. I developed yesterday something that feels much like my old migraine headaches, something which comes in short, searing pulses then goes away for a half-hour or so. (One of the first things Starr did when hearing about that was to check me for stroke indicators - of which I seem to have none.)

In geek news, the Mars Phoenix robot probe has a Twitter account. Andy Ihnatko referred to the account as cosplay for rocket scientists, but I'm enjoying keeping up with what the probe's doing (or at least what it was doing 15 minutes ago - speed-of-light lag, y'know). Some quick Googling finds images taken by the Mars Recon Orbiter of Phoenix on the way down (Phoenix Down?) which means that we Earthlings not only managed to hit a target scores of millions of miles away, we got a picture of it from another camera that had previously done so under our instruction. [T]hese are the things that hydrogen atoms do when given 13.7 billion years. - Carl Sagan

So, yeah. Probably another early bedtime tonight, which is a shame because I wanted to get some WoW levelling in. With luck, the rest of the week will go a little easier on me!
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I'm back home from Roanoke. (Salem, if you're being picky.)

As I mentioned in the locked post, Mom's in the hospital after suffering a stroke. She's lost motor function in her right limbs, but still has full sensation, vision, and her normal faculties.

Sunday night Starr and I discussed the situation, and I decided to head up Monday morning. Mom was surprised and very touched to see me, and I got to see her moving her limbs ever so slightly - perhaps a centimeter or two - which, only days after a stroke, is a major accomplishment. I'm hoping for her sake that this is the beginning of a swift recovery. She'll be starting physical therapy next week.

On top of that, Starr's PT Cruiser is in the shop, and we just got Midori-kitty back from surgery. If exhaustion counts as exercise, then I'm completely caught up.

Much thanks to everyone who offered assistance and good wishes. It means quite a lot.
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The cat wishes everyone to know that he was highly paid for this television appearance. The hamster... would like some more carrot bits please.

Game blogger Tobold suggests that WoW players would reach endgame with far better raiding skills if there were quests where you had to practice raiding with sets of NPCs. Aside from the time pressures, one reason I don't do instances is that I'm not very good at them, and I think this is a fine idea. When I do have to hit an instance dungeon for a quest, I usually end up in the company of several far-higher-levelled guild mates, and my presence becomes a bit unnecessary. This idea would mitigate the problem a bit.

[livejournal.com profile] rhaps and [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet are coming down this weekend, which is a good thing because my Technicon experience was extremely rushed. I envy Rhaps' new iMac, which is the same model as my Mom's. But I'll have my Mac Pro soon enough.

Paying bills, finishing paperwork, getting all sorts of ducks in a row this week. (They were sitting out front again this morning, enjoying the humid weather.) It all feels good. Also: new blender yay :)
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I have driven to Orlando. I have driven to upstate New York. In neither of those cases was I responsible for the steering wheel the whole time, if at all; so, yes, a five-hour drive can absolutely wear me out!

Since NASA Langley is practically sitting on I-64, I packed the car on Wednesday night and headed right to Blacksburg from work Thursday. 64 and I-81 aren't too unpleasant on a Thursday evening; my CD player may be broken, but the iPod plays through it nicely except for the pauses when it tries to eject nonexistent CDs.

Unfortunately, my transmission started throwing fits around Afton Mountain (who could blame it?) slipping and locking into third gear three times on the trip down. Pulling over for 10 minutes each time seemed to reset things, but that's no way to run a railroad.

I made it safely to the Microtel, where I was informed that the wireless access was a bit spotty on my floor :( Nevertheless, in an effort to adjust my sleep rhythms for the weekend, I stayed up for a couple hours unsuccessfully farming Primals in Zangarmarsh, only getting kicked off the server three times.

Friday I headed down to see my Mom (one of the main reasons for my Thursday travel), which was lovely. We traded Xmas presents and had good conversation over a mildly disappointing lunch. Interestingly, I'm still on a hot-rodded Mac G4 tower, and she's got the latest and greatest iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, which she took great glee in showing me.

Went to the lube place, got the transmission flushed, and had them look at my rear tires, which were making unhappy growly noises. Yep, they needed replacing. Technicon was getting expensive already...

Little one

Feb. 4th, 2008 07:36 pm
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This weekend was exhausting. Amazing, but exhausting.

We had a lot of cleaning to do before our guests arrived this weekend. Starr did a lot of it, but I tried to pull my weight. We established Friday's high point when I received a panicked call at work letting me know that Midori had pulled the gerbil cage from the bookshelf and smashed it. Starr finally managed to catch two traumatized but unharmed gerbils, and I screwed the replacement cage to the bookcase... so there, cat.

Why all the kerfuffle? Well, we had a rather special little boy and his parents coming by. Owen is observant, intelligent, cheerful, and energetic; and Starr gave birth to him four years ago, giving him up to a couple in a much better position at the time to give him a stable home.

I hadn't really been aware of "open adoption" before. The idea is that the adoptive parents keep the birth mother in their life, trading phone calls, email, and pictures, and even getting together when possible. Owen has grown up thinking of Starr as a relative who loves him a lot, and I suppose that one day, when he asks very specific questions, he'll get straight answers.

The idea sounds good; an extra close relative in a child's life has to be a bonus, and when he's a teenager trying to figure out who he is, he'll have immediate answers to many of the questions I imagine an adopted child might ask. On the other hand, I can see how the relationships involved might need more work on everyone's part than normal. On the gripping hand, I have some experience of my own with unusual relationships, and I feel the effort's well worth making. I suppose time will tell how it all works out.

More importantly for the time being, Owen was a joy to meet. I'm spoiled by precocious kids like him and Bethany... perhaps it has just as much to do with the parents' determination to raise him as something more than a yard ape. His parents were pretty awesome too; we got along from the beginning, and it only got better when Paul and I started Mac geeking together. Starr reported later that they thought I was a pretty decent guy.

(Actually, they called me 'grounded'. Is there anyone here who knows me who'd have picked the adjective 'grounded' to describe me?)

I greatly enjoyed the day and a half of time with Owen and Paul and Susan; Starr's mom joined us as well. However, all that time of socializing and trying to keep up with a 4-year-old drained me dry. I took a somewhat unwilling nap on Sunday afternoon, and craved a quiet night of WoW afterwards. Wouldn't have missed it though, and Starr's center returned to her after a week of pure frantic. At least next weekend ought to be a bit quieter.

A bit.
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We had a guest over last night... are having more guests this weekend... and are planning on seeing [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet, [livejournal.com profile] rhaps, and [livejournal.com profile] meiran in the next month. So this last week, we cleaned up the apartment.

Between possibly the most serious cleaning we've done since we moved here, and the ongoing stuff reduction program (I need to find shipping boxen for [livejournal.com profile] cjmr's and [livejournal.com profile] rattrap's models ASAP), the place looks practically new. The lighting's better now. I can get into my bed without sidling past bookcases. All of the rooms in the place are suddenly fully usable. Heck, after tonight's effort I might be able to admit people into my computer office without embarrassment. My 'house' is clean.

What an odd experience.

Tonight they start filming a movie here on base. I didn't quite get around to sending them a glossy, and I'm not sure I've got the 70's look they're after, so I don't get to be one of the extras. The film's got Cameron Diaz in it... somehow I don't think she'll be swinging by. All I'm getting out of this is the mandatory opportunity to park my clearly 21st-century car another block-and-a-half from work. Ah, well. Exercise.
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Since the issue has come up, this is what I'm currently thinking of for the fateful day:

I recently heard the story of a person whose passing wish was to have her ashes scattered at midnight on a local golf course.

Problem was, no one in the family had access to the golf course. So the family and friends had to sneak in, in the middle of the night, in their funeral garb; scatter the ashes, and get the heck out, riding adrenaline highs and laughing nervously the whole time.

When I heard that story, I thought that was awesome.

Area 51 is probably a bit much to ask of you folks, but I'm sure I can come up a suitably interesting place before it's time.
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I slept quite late Sunday morning; I'd not had enough rest in the last week, and a five-hour drive is still draining even when it's pleasant.

[livejournal.com profile] shrewlet fixed a big breakfast for us. I was starving, I honestly ate too much. I spent a few minutes checking e-mail and trying to log onto WoW - I'm trying to earn enough quest tickets to win a prize in-game - but I couldn't get a good connection. It wasn't long before I had to give up and get dressed for [livejournal.com profile] yubbie and [livejournal.com profile] colleenk's wedding.

Wile dressing, I amused myself by considering the far greater number of times I've worn a Starfleet uniform than a suit, but it's not as if I'd forgotten how to put it on. Dwight and I left the Arthur digs early, for we had stops to make - I picked up a cute card for the happy couple - and we arrived pretty much on time.

Listing the LJ and fan folk who were there would be quite tedious, so I shan't try. The wedding was wonderful. Colleen was gorgeous and Ron looked great. I saw people there I hadn't laid eyes on in years!

That sad part was that I couldn't stay for the reception - we had a 5-hour drive back (6, really) and Dwight had to be home in time for an early work day. So I didn't get to pass on my congratulations in person. But the pictures prove I was there!

Home now... I had a great time, and wish I could have spent more time at that end of the state. The Roanoke and New River valleys need to be brought at least 2/3 closer to Hampton Roads (or vice versa).
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Got back last night from Salem / Roanoke. [livejournal.com profile] rhaps and [livejournal.com profile] shrewlet let us stay overnight at their place with no notice, and Rhaps even came down to the service on Friday. I'm really glad, too because it was one more familiar face for [livejournal.com profile] raininva, and I think that meant much to her.

Dad thought highly of both Rain and Starr, and I felt they should both be there. The family proved their great class by welcoming and supporting them both; I don't know if I've even been prouder to be an O'Brien. Beth, Cathy, Benny and Jamie (old-guard Batron Starfleeters) showed up for the public reception on Thursday too. Interestingly, [livejournal.com profile] time_shark's name came up a few times, as it turns out that my dad and my dad's dad knew Nelson Bond's family pretty well, and I got to reminiscing with some of the Bonds and their friends about the Showtimers and the southwest Virginian fiction community.

My father was involved in fascinating stuff I never even heard about, stuff I can't even talk about here. There was a long stretch of my life where I wasn't close to the man, but I thought I had a pretty good idea who he was and what he got up to. I was right in some ways, and completely wrong in others. I wonder what else I missed?

My sister Whitney, of whom you've heard me talk almost nothing here because we too have been somewhat out-of-touch, asked me to be a pallbearer. I was honored, and I'm not sure I could have been talked out of at least trying... but this may have been the stupidest testosterone-induced promise I've ever made. I'm not supposed to lift over 25 pounds since the hip surgery; to be fair, I violate this on occasion, but usually with discretion. I strained several muscles, and nearly fell over once. Thank goodness no one said anything. At least I did no actual damage to myself.

Whitney's one-year-old daughter Kennedy was with her for the two Thursday receptions. Baby singing and the throw-the-toy-on-the-floor game was exactly what I needed that day. Everytime the walls started to close in, I'd just look at Kennedy's innocently quizzical expression, and things got a tiny bit better.

Friday on the way home, I stopped by my Mom's, and she and Starr and I grabbed some lunch. While trying to dig up some Tintin comics I wanted to re-read, I found my old I.P.M.S. award for the Ether Flyer Thunderchild model, as well as some Pathfinder group shots and another portion of my dice collection. I can't believe how much of my life is still at Kentland. I despair of fully sorting through it.

This too, is a bit rambly, but I'm getting closer to my center again. Tried to do a little fiction today, but the headspace isn't there, and I'm determined to write something. I don't have the luxury that a Conan Doyle character would of six months of "brain fever". Bills gotta be paid, chores gotta be done, and life goes on.

And on a crass note, Dad was going to take care of my Dragon*Con travel for me. This isn't an entitlement whine, but a note that I don't have a Plan B yet. We'll have to see what I can work out.
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I mentioned in a Friends-locked entry a few days ago that my father passed away over the weekend. I locked it because I didn't know almost anything about the situation at the time, and because I wasn't quite ready to share publically before I talked to all the family. They all know now, and I know more about the circumstances. There's no need to share much besides the facts that it was apparently natural and quick.

I'm kind of a mess right now, though I don't think you'd know to look at me. I haven't been sobbing or screaming or clawing at the walls, but I've been pretty depressed all week, and I've had fever-like symptoms off and on every day. My appetite's been weird too. I'm hoping that the reception and service Thursday and Friday will help clear my psyche.

Perfect time to be making a four hour drive each way, huh? Luckily, I can do that completely on autopilot.

Lots of people offered support both online and off. All I can say is that you folks are wonderful. I am absolutely blessed to have so many excellent people offering me their thoughts and prayers... that's helped more than you can imagine.

Rambling a bit today, and I know it, but well, I need to ramble.


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